Sustainability as a focal point

With 80 years of experience and more than 15,000 workers worldwide, we are a start-up company that has spent years aligning our economic development with environmental sustainability.This commitment is a fundamental pillar of our mission and business strategy.

We work to offer better solutions to the challenges of our time, using technology and innovation to find solutions that benefit society and reduce our environmental impact.

We must all participate in this commitment if it is to become a reality, which is why at Covestro we understand that we must involve the companies and institutions that we have relationships with in our corporate principles through dialogue.

Living our values
We play an active role in our society and feel that it is our responsibility to tackle the challenges we are facing, such as climate change, limited natural resources, healthcare and poverty. These global challenges are a vital part of our corporate strategy and where we would like to make a difference, through the development of our products and processes, our relationship with society, and our code of conduct.
“People, Planet, Profit”
The “People, Planet, Profit” principle has been our guide to focusing our efforts simultaneously on economic, environmental and social progress.
Extending the life cycle of our products
This encompasses raw materials, production, processing, application, disposal, and recycling of products. Sustainability governs everything that we do: from research and development to joint projects with clients and partners, covering supply, production and distribution.
Involved in Sustainable Development
We support and adhere to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and we have signed on to the United Nations Global Compact.

Our products contribute to economising our limited resources and reducing CO2, including, for instance, materials that lighten the weight of cars, or more efficient building insulation, to reduce energy consumption.

We join forces with associations to respond to the needs of society.

We expect our partners to adhere to the same high sustainability standards that we do, which is why we have developed a basic Code of Conduct for Suppliers, of mandatory compliance, to help them implement our strategy.