Safety is one of our priorities, which is why we have implemented a series of mandatory practices and guidelines.
Covestro is dedicated to providing a safe work environment for its employees. We implement standardised and systematic procedures in our plants through regulations that constantly ensure and improve safety.

We look into every incident that occurs to prevent recurrence. Workplace accidents are logged and analysed so we can learn from them.

In 2016, the employee accident rate was 0.31/ 200,000 hours of work.

Product safety
Safety is also a factor in the handling, transport, use, recycling and even disposal of products. We evaluate what we produce in adherence to these parameters and international standards, detailing any potential risks. We implement the standards of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) and make them available to the public.

Some of our products are subject to strict information disclosure rules and we voluntarily provide additional information. Our specialists work in close collaboration with clients, salespeople and the public to ensure that our products are handled safely.

Plants and processes
Our plants and processes are subject to continuous monitoring and legal requirements.

We have developed a maintenance system based on the latest in smart technology which detects pieces that need to be replaced even before they break.

Incidents are analysed constantly in order to apply improvement measures that are useful to the entire group.

Safe transport

We ensure that our internal and external logistics systems are in line with Covestro’s quality and safety standards.