Pushing the limits

The best proof of our commitment to sustainability is the large number of projects we develop, and groundbreaking ideas for efficient technologies that save resources, in collaboration with other companies and institutions.
Oxygen depolarised cathode
Around two-thirds of all chemical products are made using chlorine, in a process that requires a great deal of energy. Covestro has developed a process that reduces the amount of energy needed to make chlorine: oxygen depolarised cathode (ODC), which requires up to 30% less electricity than the conventional method.
COâ‚‚technology: From a waste gas to an energy source
Covestro has managed to convert the greenhouse gas CO2 into a useful energy source for plastic production.
Renewable hardeners
Carbon from renewable materials makes up 70% of our hardener for auto paints, without compromising its protective function or appearance.
Gas phase technology
Gas phase technology is a milestone in isocyanate production, as it uses up to 60% less energy and 80% less solvent than liquid-based processes. The Covestro TDI plant in Dormagen uses gas phase technology.
Covestro needs aniline to make MDI, a main component in manufacturing spray foam insulation. Now we can obtain this component from renewable sources. We can replace aniline obtained using benzene (a product derived from petroleum) with aniline obtained from industrial sugar (derived from corn, hay and wood).