Protecting the environment

Producing polymers requires using energy sources such as electricity, gas and oil, and Covestro believes that we must make maximum use of these resources.

Plastics are very useful and necessary materials for society. They can replace materials that are less convenient, less safe, and even less environmentally friendly.

Energy and emissions
Thanks to the “STRUCTese™” system, we have been able to reduce the energy consumption of every production plant by an average of 10% since the system was introduced in 2008.

Every plant logs its energy consumption online, which we constantly compare with the optimal value in order to define action plans for improvement. This has allowed us to emit around 470,000 fewer tonnes of greenhouse gases each year and consume approximately 1.54 terawatt/hour less (equivalent to the electricity produced by 360,000 wind turbines per year).

Innovations in our processes have allowed us to, for instance, produce chlorine using oxygen depolarised cathode technology, which consumes 30% less energy. We have also made advancements in manufacturing TDI foam precursor with gas phase technology, which uses less energy and fewer solvents.

Water processing
Most of the water we use is “cooling water”, practically all of which can be fed back into the water cycle.

Waste waters are tested and analysed before being removed, and are only fed back into the water cycle after special treatment in specific plants.

Alternative resources
We want to make increasing use of alternative energy sources, as fossil fuel levels are diminishing considerably. Our long-term goal is to stop using fossil fuels completely where possible.